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Faraday Future, Mini, Hyundai, Tesla, Audi, Bolloré.

Faraday-FutureBrave new future: Faraday Future wants take on Tesla and have an EV with the highest energy density by 2017. While production has not been set up yet, FF hired some 200 people, including high level EV experts. Nick Sampson, Tesla’s former chief engineer, has been taken on as product designer together with Richard Kim, who was responsible for the BMW i8 and i3 concept designs. Silva Hiti, former lead powertrain at Chevy Volt is to do the same for FF and Page Beermann, former Creative Director at BMW, will be responsible for the exterior design. FF’s websites shows the company is not just working on electrification, but also on maximum digitalisation. It seems, the first Tesla-fighter may not be “made in Germany” after all.
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Mini Superleggra: Autocar followed up on the car’s progress. Mini CEO Peter Schwarzenbauer says the company is “working hard” to bring the concept on the streets by possibly 2019. It could then also come as a PHEV, featuring the same drivetrain as the BMW 2er Active Tourer.

Prius fighter spotted: Hyundai is working on a dedicated hybrid, which might be presented at IAA this year. New photos show a heavily camouflaged hatchback but unveil a charging port close to the driver’s front door, unmasking it as a plug-in hybrid.

Model X in China: Tesla plans to offer its upcoming SUV in China in the first half of 2016, after launching it in the U.S. already this quarter. Furthermore, the Californian EV maker plans to open five to six new service centres in big Chinese cities by the end of this year.

Audi in Australia: The German carmaker launched the A3 e-tron Down Under. The plug-in hybrid is available at Audi dealerships in Australia, priced from 62,490 Australian dollars. The package includes a 230-volt, high-output 16-amp single phase power outlet for home charging.

EVs on the internet: It seems, there is little one cannot buy on Amazon. Now Bolloré is offering its Bluecar and Bluesummer via the online retailer at a reduced price of 25 to 31 percent. Unfortunately, the deal is only available for “Premium” Amazon customers and only those, living in Metropolitan France.
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