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Koreans charge ahead: Together, Hyundai and Kia want to introduce four new hybrids, two plug-ins and one electric car in the USA, Automotive News reports. Two models are solely designed as hybrids. They are based on the platform of the Hyundai Elantra and Kia Forte, respectively, and can be expected by 2017. The all-electric model will come from Hyundai, possibly in the same year.

BMW i5 update: An electric and a PHEV variant of the i5 are becoming more likely. AutoBild summarises presumptions so far: it will be bigger than the i3 but use the same electric motor, while the PHEV will be coupled with an engine doubling as range extender. Materials will include carbon, but less to keep the cost down. The price is presumed to be around 5,000 euros higher than a comparable 3-series BMW. The launch is expected by 2019. (in German)

Tesla-Model-XModel X production delayed? Tesla is still negotiating with three essential suppliers and not all components have been ordered yet, Green Car Reports discloses. Consequently, only a few units of the Model X are being assembled pretty much by hand, while serial production might not start before December or January.

Explosion at Proterra plant: The electric bus maker’s facility in Greenville, South Carolina, saw two blasts last night. Apparently, one bus also caught fire. The cause of the explosions is still being investigated. No one was harmed. via

Out with the old: Brammo is selling off its remaining stock of electric motorcycles. 2014 Empulse models now cost only 9,995 dollars, while the 2014 Empulse R, on which the new 20,000-dollar Victory Empulse TT is modeled on, is selling for a mere 11,995 dollars.


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