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Tesla, Bentley, Nissan, EPA, BMW.

Tesla battery facility in Germany? Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel says Elon Musk approached the German government with plans for a battery plant, or rather for the funding thereof. Both Daimler and Volkswagen have underlined the importance of joint domestic battery cell production – and their quest for taxpayer funding. Maybe increased competition will have the industry battle it out on their own.,, (in German)

Bentley electrifies: The Bentayga will be succeeded by a compact SUV that may be launched as hybrid version within three years, Autocar reports. The EXP 10 Speed 6 is also scheduled to go serial around 2020 and will then be electric, too.

New Leaf to be light-weight: Nissan’s next-gen EV will have a chassis made from carbon fibre, Automotive News has learned. Together with its 60-kWh battery, the new Leaf could have a range of 500 km, while being charged inductively.

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Merkel bemoaned emission rules set by the EPA as early as 2010, a report first published by German Wirtschaftswoche says. Apparently, Germany’s chancellor tried to put in a word on behalf of Volkswagen. In vain, as we know now, since VW found its own way to “deal” with the problem.

Limited edition BMW i3: The German carmaker will launch a special edition of its electric car in the U.S.. The ‘Shadow Sport’ is limited to 50 units and is (obviously) mainly black. First shown via Periscope yesterday, the special i3 will be on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show., (virtual launch)


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