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Kia-Soul-EVKia’s emission trick: The Hyundai brand allegedly used its Soul EV to polish its emissions record in Europe, Manager Magazin reports. Kia registered 2,459 electric cars in Germany. But around 90 percent first went to dealers, who then sold them on as second-hand cars to Norway, where demand for an EV bargain is high. The trick is legal, however, it helps greenwash a Hyundai fleet that is otherwise dangerously close to failing EU regulations. It also shows, that demand for EVs in Germany is still low. (in German)

Rapid i3 sell out: It took BMW one hour to sell all 50 Shadow Sport i3 at 47,400 dollars each. The limited edition (we reported) is all black and includes features usually unavailable in the United States.

Hybrid SLR: Mercedes AMG will allegedly reintroduce its premium sports car SLR as PHEV, Auto Bild learned. Two versions are under revision. One with 478 kW delivered by an electric motor and a V6 engine, another with two electric drives and a V8 amounting to 772 kW. The latter would be a true super hybrid. But with a price of tag around 1 million dollars, it would occupy a very small niche in the market. (original source in German),

Meanwhile, Mercedes is letting details about its upcoming E-class trickle through, ahead of its debut in Detroit next January. The limousine will first launch with conventional engines. Both a petrol and diesel hybrid version will to follow at a later date. (in German)

French electric bus: In Paris, a fully electric bus from French Heuliez roamed the avenues for a first test drive. Transport provider RATP trials the GX Elec in winter time to see if bus and batteries will withstand chilly conditions. The powerpacks are charged overnight and heated at the dept before service.,

The Volvo XC90 R is now available on order in Great Britain at a starting price of 49,785 GBP (75,000 dollars). The sportiest model in the XC90 range comes with a red finish and a choice of three engines, including the T8 ‘Twin Engine’ hybrid setup. Deliveries can be expected early next year.,

Prius drive: Jason Fogelson takes Toyota’s updated hybrid personal, when he describes the Prius face changed “from open innocence to a more squinty assertiveness.” Acceleration will still not “wow enthusiasts” according to Fogelson, but the Prius offers a “seamless hybrid experience.”


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