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No German masterplan: The scheduled meeting of Chancellor Merkel and executives of Germany’s biggest carmakers ended without results. While industry bosses continue to call for subsidies for electric cars, the coalition government remains divided. At least German economics minister Sigmar Gabriel wants to propose a masterplan for EV incentives by March.
reuters.com, bloomberg.com

Open to pollution: The EU parliament missed its chance to tighten car emission tests (RDE). MEPs failed to veto a proposal that will allow cars to emit twice the limit of NOx pollution, despite the exemptions being declared unlawful by the parliament’s legal committee. A harmful victory for lobbyists.
theguardian.com, europarl.europa.eu

Cheap EV for China: Renault-Nissan plans to develop a low-price electric car for the Chinese market, CEO Carlos Ghosn announced. The decision follows last year’s low sales of the Venucia e30 – the Chinese Leaf was bought just 1,273 times – which Nissan blames on its comparatively high price.

Tesla faces similar problems, announcing a price drop for the Model X in China. Due to high import tariffs and taxes, the California EVs are considerably more expensive than in America. The Model X 90D for example starts from 961,000 yuan (about 146,000 dollars). Deliveries are said to start in Q2.

Porsche prototype pictures: The next-gen Cayenne has been spotted. The prototype is still in camouflage but will again be offered as a plug-in hybrid. Meanwhile, the hybrid Panamera has been sighted at its home base in Stuttgart, where it appears almost in its natural state.
worldcarfans.com (Cayenne), carscoops.com (Panamera)

Confirmed: The Caddy ELR will be discontinued. Cadillac CEO Johan de Nysschen said, the luxurious Volt will not see a second generation. Last year, GM only sold 1,024 units.
autoblog.com, insideevs.com


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