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Audi-Q7-e-TronOrder books for Q7 e-tron open: From Tuesday, the Audi Q7 e-tron 3.0 TDI can be ordered for a base price of 80,500 euros. The first models of the diesel-plug-in will be delivered this summer. Audi is one of the first manufactures to combine diesel engine and electric motor. Fuel consumption is currently given at 1.7 litres/100 km.,,

China pushes electrification: China wants to step up funding initiatives for alternative energy vehicles, especially for EVs and hybrids. Instead of the current 30 percent, 50 percent of new purchases for public fleets now need to be (partly) electric. The country also wants to see more electric buses and taxis hit the road, while using private capital to further develop charging infrastructure.,

Tesla roadside assistance: If one of its luxury EVs breaks down at the side of the road, Tesla will now it 500 instead of the previous 50 miles. But that should no longer matter for Tesla drivers in New York. The EV maker now opened a showroom and service centre in Brooklyn. (towing), (New York)

Electric and fashionable: Citroën will show its electric Méhari in Geneva from Tuesday, after the EV was first presented in Paris in 2015 (we reported). For all who want something more stylish, the carmaker is taking along the Méhari concept car, for which Citroën partnered with couture house Courrèges. So expect something fashionable., (Artikels in French)

Volt rolls in: U.S. car dealers are beginning to take delivery of the first 2017 Chevy Volt, the first model year to be offered across the United States. Also, GM is offering financial incentives across the board, like 1,000 dollars cash back when buying a new Volt or a nationwide 2,300 dollars discount on the lease. Some offers could expire on Monday.,

E-Class for off road: The Mercedes estate will also be offered as an all-terrain variant from October, featuring all-drive and some new body parts to hide the estate look. Moreover, it will be available with the same engines as other E-Class models, meaning there is a possibility of a plug-in variant.,


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