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Brand new BMWi models: BMW has given an update on its future strategy, in which e-mobility plays a major role. A new electric model will be introduced at the beginning of the next decade, called the BWM i Next – which will also be the first offspring of the project i2.0that focuses more on connected and automated driving. Other plug-in hybrids will follow, while research for a fuel cell vehicle continues. Furthermore, there will be a new roadster version of the i8 by 2018, and most imporntantly, the i3 will be upgraded with a 50 percent bigger battery and revised design in the second half of this year. It should be availble in four variants with a small or larger battery and with or without range extender.,

Model 3 launch: The invites for Tesla’s big day have been sent, as the EV maker gears up to present its economy model in LA on March 31st. There will be 800 guests, 650 of them Tesla drivers, chosen via lottery. Once the wraps have come off the Model 3, online sales will open on that same day at 8:30 p.m. (PST).,

Skoda electrifies: The VW brand will launch its first electric car by 2020 or 2021. Sitting on the MEB platform, engineers aim for 300+ miles, 15-minute charging time and a price below a comparative gas guzzler. This could therefore be VW’s very own Bolt or Model 3. The Superb PHEV will hit the stores already by 2019.

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Naked Porsche prototypes (almost): The German luxury car manufacturer has no less than three upgrades undergoing testing and savvy photographers have spotted the Cayenne, Panamera and 911 only slightly camouflaged. All three will be available as PHEV. (Cayenne), (Panamera), (911)

Smart e-bike: Chinese smartphone firm Xiaomi is venturing into the pedelec field and is expected to launch a smart electric bike within the next month. Priced at about 450 – 550 dollars, the pedal-assisted bike will join a growing portfolio that includes a Segway-styled scooter, as well as cycle sub brands.

Solo sneak-peak: Electra Meccanica looks well on target for production of its planned electric trike, the Solo. As the name suggests, it seats one person and first specs speak of 87 mph top speed, a 100 mile range and most astonishingly, a price around 15,000 dollars.


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