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Tesla joins CCS initiative: The CharIn initiative found a new prominent member as the Californian EV maker got on board. If that means Tesla will offer an adapter or adapt to the European standard is unclear. However, CCS is a likely option for the Model 3, esp. as the economy Tesla comes with Supercharger “capabilities,” but not necessarily with a free charging. Meanwhile, Tesla is working on an option to show Supercharger availability in its navigation system.
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10 times more EV chargers: Shanghai will increase the number of charging points from 21,700 to 210,000 by 2020. A new infrastructure plan sets the ratio of charging stations to EVs at 1:7 and the Chinese city currently counts 57,000 new energy vehicles on its roads.

All EV fleet on campus: Manchester Metropolitan University just added two Nissan Leaf pool cars and three e-NV200 vans to its fleet. But that is only the beginning, as the Uni plans to replace its entire 18 vehicle strong fleet with electric substitutes once they are up for renewal.
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Electric Ford fleet: Canadian Victoria and Saanich municipality have teamed up to acquire 13 electric vehicles with a rebate of 8,000 dollars per EV from the Canadian province of British Columbia. Victoria purchased nine electric Ford Focus, while the District of Saanich got four.


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