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EV charging open to all: E.on has opened a true eco station in the Czech Republic. Tesla’s Supercharger can be found there together with chargers of all kinds. Gathered are two DC fast-charging chargers, one for CHAdeMO, and a CCS charger, plus a few level 2 chargers. The stylish charge stop is located in Humpolec along the E50, which connects Prague and Brno.
electrek.co, thecountrycaller.com

France prepares for EVolution: All new buildings will have to be ready to install EV charging facilities. The law will come into effect by 2017 and regards residential housing as well as offices and public services. If more than 40 parking lots are to be build, 75 percent will have to be pre-wired.
avere-france.org (in French)

Plug-in behaviour: Ford has analysed the behaviour of thousands of its plug-in vehicles via its app. The study found that workplace charging could increase the electric vehicle miles travelled (eVMT) substantially. The eVMT decreased in the winter but not in California thus pointing to geographic location playing a role in charging and driving habits.

Charge along Mass Pike: Massachusetts’ Department of Transportation (MassDOT) plans to install fast-charging stations at six service plazas that run along the famous highway from Boston. The first of up to twelve 50 kW chargers shall stand by autumn. MassDOT also looks into hydrogen infrastructure.

Duty call: A BMW i3 has entered the Austrian police force in the town of Watten as an emergency car. The German carmaker has been rather successful marketing its police version of the electric car, which also serves in Milan, London and Bavaria.
bmwblog.com via carscoops.com


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