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VW’s new electric JV: Volkswagen is in talks with Anhui Jianghuai Automobile (JAC) to build and sell EV and e-mobility services for China together. The MoU predates a formal agreement that is to be signed within the next five months. The move comes as Beijing tightens emission rules.,

Lobby prevents ambitious EV incentive: German industry associations VDA and IG Metall have influenced the country’s EV grant to be lower and weaker, Stern reports. Initial drafts saw 5,000 euros per electric car financed through a bonus-malus system. Every conventional car would have been taxed with 50 – 1,000 euros. Furthermore, both the ministry of the environment and economy had agreed to impose a mandatory quota for electric vehicles on all new registration – before lobbyism. (in German)

Mahindra Electric: The Indian carmaker has rebranded its EV activities. Under Mahindra Electric, the firm will make electric cars, license EV technologies, and offer platforms and mobility solutions. This includes selling electric drives to others. Mahindra also set eyes on China.


Tesla pop-up: The EV maker is sending ‘Mobile Design Studios’ through the USA. Several Model X tow Airstream trailers that allow to configure an EV on the spot. Interest is voiced online. Tesla’s electric SUV has also arrived in Japan, just as the Supercharger network there becomes more dense. (design), (Japan)

Peugeot bets on LEVs: While the French will present the 5008 as seven-seater in Paris, plans for a hybrid version as well as the PHEV for 2018 remain vague. Concrete are the optional electric scooter and the eF01, a stylish electric folding bike. It can be stored and charged in the trunk. (SUV), (eFolder)


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