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New Nissan EVs? The Leaf might get company soon as Nissan considers to electrify more segments. A small EV with technology from the Renault Zoe is possible, while an electric SUV or crossover may be offered on the European market. Nissan invested 5.4bn dollars in electric cars such as the Leaf and must make sure to satisfy “as many types of customer as possible,” Gareth Dunsmore, head of Nissan’s EV programme in Europe said.

BYD growing in Europe: The IAA saw the Chinese firm present an electric coach for sightseeing and shuttle duties which can travel up to 200 km on one charge. Furthermore, BYD plans to build a production facility for buses in Europe, which will likely be set up in Hungary.

How to order a Chevy Bolt: GM released the Chevy Bolt EV “Ordering Guide” that lists all available options. CCS fast-charging is 750 dollar extra for example. Colours range from metallic to blue and red. There is only one 60 kWh battery option as expected.

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ecomobiel_NissanParticipate in Ecomobiel 2016 – the platform for sustainable innovation in mobility: Ecomobiel is the largest and most complete trade show in the Benelux for mobility professionals and business end users, 4 & 5 October 2016 in Den Bosch. Ecomobiel is a co-location with the trade show “Energie” which focusses on energy transition in buildings & industry. The combined events attracted last edition over 15.000 B2B visitors.

e-Up facelift: The new e-Up has arrived at Volkswagen dealers. The updated electric version is available from 26,900 euro. Both the stadard equipment as well as infotainment functions have been extended, while the range of the small electric car remains the same.

Soul update: Kia is tweaking its Soul crossover range. The design will be updated and a new petrol engine offered. If the Kia Soul EV will be improved, i.e. with longer range, is not yet known.

Audi loses its drive as its head of powertrain development, Stefan Knirsch, stood down following his suspension by the brand. Knirsch is accused of being involved in the Volkswagen diesel scandal.,


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