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Austria, Chevy, BYD, Nissan, Mahindra, Roewe.

Austria finalises mobility plan: Some 16,000 new EVs are to hit the road by 2018, and Austria is digging into its pockets to get the ball rolling. From January, it will subsidise all-electric cars with 4,000 euros (3,000 euros for businesses), and plug-in hybrids with 1,500 euros. All vehicles must be recharged using 100 percent renewable energy, the base price must be less than 50,000 euros and the electric range has to be at least 40 km. Moreover, license plates with green writing will give EVs special privileges, like free parking. Two-wheelers, all-electric utility vehicles, wallboxes, intelligent charging cables and public EV chargers also qualify for some form of subsidies., (articles in German), (programme as PDF)

Go Bolt for 309 a month: With the Chevy Bolt ready to arrive at dealerships in California, GM has finalised pricing. Drivers will have to pay at least 309 dollars per month with no down payment and including subsidies. And GM ordered all dealers offering the Bolt to install at least one CCS fast-charger on its premises. (leasing), (fast-charger)

BYD builds e-bus plant: The manufacturer will invest more than 2bn yuan (290m dollars) in a new manufacturing site in Xi’an, capital of the Chinese Shaanxi province. Here, BYD will produce some 5,000 electric buses per year. Meanwhile, the manufacturer has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Iranian automaker Kerman Khodro for the delivery of electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as batteries. (China), (Iran)


Nissan chucks supplier: The Japanese will sell their 41 percent stake in Calsonic to the investor KKR. The former was Nissan’s biggest supplier, specialised in standard components and air conditioning. But now that the carmaker is turning towards electric mobility, it is looking for a supplier to match those endeavours.,

Bigger sells better: Back in October, Mahindra introduced a four-door version of its e2o electric car (we reported). Though it was not intended to actually replace the two-door variant, it will do exactly that, as sales of the latter never really picked up.

Chinese carmaker Roewe unveiled its i6 sedan at the Guangzhou Motor Show. The car will also be available with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, combining a petrol engine and 82 bhp electric motor. It is also said to be the basis for the next-generation of MG Motors’ MG 6, while the drivetrain will also be used in the upcoming small SUV MG ZS, which will arrive in the UK in May.


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