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NextEV-SpyshotFirst glimpse of NextEV: NextEV’s electric sports car was spotted in the Nordschleife of Nürburgring, where it appeared for a promo video allegedly. The Chinese firm based in California meanwhile added Jamie Carlson to its ranks as Senior Director of Advanced Technologies. He worked for Tesla and reportedly Apple on self-driving technology before. via, (Carlson)

Atieva now Lucid Motors: The other Sino-Californian EV maker underwent a name change, probably to clarify its intentions to launch an autonomous electric car. More images of the latter have been released but remain rather indistinct. The new website is shiny however.,,

VW presented the Phideon, a sedan exclusive to China, that takes inspiration from the C Coupé GTE concept car unveiled at the Shanghai auto show last year. While luxurious, the PHEV aims at understatement, echoing the climate of reduction currently valued by the Chinese government., (video)

Mahindra-e2o-plusMahindra 4-door EV: The Indian manufacturer launched the e2o Plus, a four-door electric car now on sale in India. It comes in four variants and a 19 kW electric motor coupled with a 48V battery. The premium trim features a 30 kW drive and 72 V power pack.,

Ford on green wave: The carmaker trials its Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA) technology in Mondeo Hybrids in the UK for two years. The system gathers information on traffic light timings from a roadside unit and then advises the driver on the best speed to avoid stopping at a red light.,

In with the new: The BMW i3 has got a bigger battery and long-time electric driver Michael Beinenson is sold. Not only provides the 33 kWh power pack more range than stated, the new trims also include a sun roof and the added weight gives the electric car more stability.


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