Nov 25, 2016 - 08:44 am

Audi, Z5/Supra Hybrid, Nissan, Maserati, Singulato, Tesla.

Audi poaches Volvo exec: Peter Mertens has been appointed to lead technical development at Audi. The carmaker looked outside the VW Group to fill the position, after the two previous technical development chiefs had to step down after the VW emission scandal.,

Z5/Supra Hybrid update: The sports car jointly developed by BMW and Toyota will be built by Magna Steyr in Graz and will launch in 2018. And it looks as though the hybrid version might draw on technology from Toyota’s recent TS050 LMP1 Le Mans race car. Meanwhile, Autocar gives a first glimpse of the car’s design.

Nissan-Terra-FCVNew Nissan SUV concept: The Japanese unveiled a fuel-cell-powered SUV at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The TeRRA SUV is equipped with three electric motors. While the rear features two in-wheel motors, the front is powered by the same technology as the Nissan Leaf.

E-Maserati confirmed: According to Autocar, Maserati is planning on releasing an electric version of its Alfierie two-seater in 2020. It will hit the road roughly one year after the debut of the petrol-powered version. Moreover, it will most likely be the first model to sit on a new “electrically capable Maserati chassis.”

Singulato in pictures: The subsidiary of Chinese carmaker Zhiche Auto (we reported) has published photos and videos of its upcoming electric crossover. The design is definitely something. Production will be outsourced until 2020, after which Singolato hopes to build 200,000 units per year in its own factory.

Tesla poaches Microsoft designer: Andrew Kim, designer of HoloLens and Xbox One S, now takes the position as lead designer at Tesla. What tasks he will be in charge of exactly has not been made public.,


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