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Electric Chrysler in Vegas? Insiders apparently told Bloomberg that Chrysler will show an all-electric car based on the Pacifica (which is already available as a PHEV) at the CES in Las Vegas in January. An electric Maserati sports car will also be on display – probably some form of the Alfieri scheduled to hit the road in 2020 (we reported).

Renault-Kangoo-ZE-2015Renault gives Kangoo more range: After giving its Zoe a battery upgrade, Renault will also increase the range of its Kangoo Van Z.E., fitting it with the same technology as the former EV. Technical details are expected to be released at the European Motor Show in Brussels in January, but given the 41 kWh battery pack, the Kangoo’s range is expected to double to 270 km on one charge.,,

Lexus shows LC production version: Lexus presented its LC Coupé, which will become available in the U.S. in spring and Europe in summer. With the LC 500h, the two-door car will also be offered as a hybrid variant. The hybrid powertrain will boast 354 hp, pushing the Lexus from 0 to 100 kph in less than five seconds.,

France tackles pollution: French environmental minister Ségolène Royale wants to extend EV subsidies, offering the 10,000 euro scrappage fee not only to private, but also commercial drivers, such as i.e. taxis. Moreover, anyone purchasing an electric scooter from January 1st, 2017, will receive a 1,000 euro bonus.

Smart renting: The Daimler brand kicked off its scheme “Smart ready to rent” in select French and German cities. It enables customers to rent the full Smart model range between one day and three months, essentially closing the gap between leasing a vehicle and its carsharing offer car2go. Electric variants will also be available from next year.

ICE ban in the UK? Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is considering a proposal to ban sales of new petrol and diesel cars in the UK, meaning all new cars would be electric, hydrogen- or methane-fuelled. Approximately ten years after the ban were to be enacted, Britain could prohibit all combustion engine cars on its roads.


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