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Nissan-Leaf-RenderingNissan EV for $17,000: The shared EV platform by Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi may decrease cost by 20 percent, thus making EVs for 2m yen (17,000 dollars) a very real possibility, Nikkei reports. Apart from price parity, Nissan may also push the new-gen Leaf forward as CEO Carlos Ghosn announced a “substantial presentation” for the CES in Las Vegas this coming January but would not go into details.,

ICE to be banned locally? Gas guzzlers may soon be prohibited to enter designated areas in German towns and cities. The zones are to be specified by municipalities, a draft from the Ministry for the Environment outlines. It aims to empower communities to reduce levels of NO2. (in German)

VW microbus to resurge electrically: VW seems to be looking into bringing back the Microbus, which would then be the second EV the carmaker has lined up. It takes inspiration from both the classic Volkswagen bus as well as the ID and BUDD-e concept EVs, Autocar reports. The seven-seater will use the MEB platform.

Karma production gets the go ahead as Chinese regulators approve to set up production of the former Fisker car in China. Owner Wanxiang reportedly plans to build a facility with an annual production run of 50,000 cars, 11,000 of them Reveros.,,

German solar car from mid-2017: Sono Motors is to present its solar-powered Sion EV in Munich in summer next year. Test drive events in major European cities for those that crowdfunded the project will follow, the start-up said and hopes to gain pre-orders.

A first ride in Lucid Motors’ much anticipated Tesla-fighter was granted to Roberto Baldwin. He was well impressed with the Air’s acceleration – at half power already.


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