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Mahle, LMP1, Tesla, Toyota

Mahle-Efficient-Electric-TransportMahle presents 48-volt city concept: The German car supplier will show its demonstrator vehicle MEET (Mahle Efficient Electric Transport) at the IAA in Frankfurt. The company’s approach is to create a concept fitting the needs of urban mobility and to create it in such a way that it is transferrable to a wide range of platforms. The concept’s traction drive couples a synchronous motor with permanent magnets and integrated 48-volt electronics.

LMP1 bases its hope on Peugeot: As after Audi also Porsche is about to leave the LMP1’s stage in order to turn to the Formula E race series, the future course of the WEC hybrid class is open. However, Peugeot is not adverse to enter the series, particularly regarding new plug-in rules coming into effect in 2020, but currently is using its strong negotiation position to minimalize its potential costs. Until further notice, Toyota will play the WEC’s solo entertainer.

Installation of first Tesla solar roof tiles: The carmaker equipped first rooftops with its quite subtle solar roof tiles presented last October. As it is the case with the Model 3 launch, the company’s employees are the first clients in order to be able to react on potential problems ahead of the product’s mass market launch. Tesla’s guarantee on the solar roof tiles comprises the “lifetime” of clients’ houses.,,

Toyota chases after the sunlight: Not only does Toyota offer solar panels on some versions of its Prius, the carmaker now also considers developing a method to estimate the sunlight available on the car’s route. A patent handed in at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office concretise the Japanese’s idea to spice up the navigation system in a way that it knows how much sunlight is collectable at different courses.


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