Nel is going to erect 16 H2 stations for Nikola Motor

Nikola Motor has chosen Norwegian Nel ASA as exclusive supplier of components for 16 hydrogen stations. As reported, the U.S. start-up plans to launch a hydrogen-fuel-cell electric truck by 2020 – the Nikola One.

In order to convince its potential clients to purchase its debut model, the company wants to realise a hydrogen refuelling network that spans 2,000 miles. The purchase order for the first two stations have been already issued. Nel shall contribute engineering, electrolysis and fuelling equipment, while Nikola takes care of the balance of plant, construction, dispensers and other station equipment. However, these 16 stations seem to be just the beginning: Earlier this year, Nikola pledged to install more than 350 H2 fuelling stations in the U.S. and Canada from 2018.

As reported, the Nikola One prototype couples a 320 kWh battery pack with a fuel cell drivetrain. It shall have a total output of 735 kW and is said to go up to 1,900 km on one charge. Nikola also announced a leasing option that will include unlimited hydrogen fuel, guarantee, and servicing for 72 months. The start-up stated recently, that it received thousands of reservations. Moreover, the company already announced a smaller non-sleeper cab version called Nikola Two.


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