Slovakia extends its PEV incentives

The state of Slovakia has extended its plug-in vehicle privileges and will continue to grant up to 5,000 euros when buying an ecological car before the end of June 2018.

The scheme had launched last November and in the year since then, 450 buyers of plug-in hybrid and electric cars have claimed the incentive. That is not all electric drivers in Slovakia it appears though, as about 1,600 low emission cars have been purchased in the Eastern European country so far this year.

The Slovak Electric Vehicle Association (SEVA) welcomed the extension of the scheme, seeing it as a promotional tool mainly that helps invoke other schemes and raises the awareness of electric mobility.

Bratislava for example has started to lower emissions of its public transport and recently announced plans to replace 18 diesel buses with fully electric ones. Additionally, citizens in the capital can hire a fleet of VW e-Up since July and the sharing offer includes electric scooters and pedelecs as well (we reported).


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