Dec 19, 2017 - 07:34 pm

Central Europe’s largest Supercharger location opens in Bregenz


A 20 unit Supercharger station has opened in Austrian Bregenz at the HQ of local utility Illwerke VKW. The firm says it is the largest Tesla charge park in Central Europe and wants to add its own infrastructure.

20 Tesla Superchargers have been made available on the parking lot of Bregenz-based utility Illwerke VKW in Austria’s Vorarlberg region. The charge park is located close to the highway that connects Zurich in Switzerland with Munich in Germany and the utility says it wants to add more of its own fast-chargers comes Spring 2018.

Overall, they want to offer 27 parking lots for electric vehicles with charging power amounting to 1.7 MW. All electricity is generated at Austrian hydropower plants. (in German)


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