Dec 20, 2017 - 08:17 pm

Over 2,000 Tesla registered in Norway this December


With more than 2,000 Tesla EVs registered this month, December is a new record month for the Californian EV maker. At the time of writing, the count was 2,065 with 1,231 Model X and 834 Model S sold.

Before it is over, December has beaten Tesla to its own record of 2,004 registrations in September 2017. The latest data from Norwegian Elbilstatistik clearly show that the EVs made in California remain the Norwegians’ favourite.

In total, there are now 21,843 Tesla EV on the road in Norway and 8,082 have been added in the year to date alone. There are a few more to come surely, especially after the ESA has just permitted Norway to prolong its EV incentives for at least another three years (we reported).,


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20.12.2017 20:16