Samsung shows latest battery tech at NAIAS


Samsung SDI’s presence at NAIAS means they made real advances in battery tech. And so the Koreans display includes solid-state as well a novel material solutions for increased capacity.

Particularly the ‘graphen-ball’ technology is drawing a crowd to the Samsung SDI booth in Detroit. The Koreans promise the new material would enable five times higher charging times of LI-ion batteries while also offering 45 percent more capacity.

Increased energy density is also the USP of the other products on display and Samsung says their batteries pack enough power for ranges of up to 600 kilometres. Not only cells but whole modules are on offer as Samsung wants to show its qualities as solution, or system rather, provider at the North American show.

Last but not least and a highlight is the new ‘Low Height Cell’. It is said to be 20 percent lower than comparable cells and can be assembled as a so-called sandwich battery. Such a set-up can gain carmakers  more space inside the vehicle and allows more freedom in design overall.

The remaining space on the shelves belongs to the new standard cell 21700 that adds about 50 percent more capacity compared to the regular 18650 cells.


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