Jan 21, 2018 - 03:04 am

Toyota to slash cost of fuel cell cars by half


Toyota is working on a Mirai successor that is to halve the cost of the fuel cell car and core components. Launch of the new system for FCVs is set for 2020 and Toyota plans further price decreases by 2025. 

To date, Toyota has sold about 5,000 units of its first fuel cell vehicle the Mirai and the low sales are also due to a 7 million yen (63,049 dollar) pricetag.

With the introduction of the second-gen fuel cell system, the carmaker aims to reduce cost by 50 percent by 2020. Already Toyota is working on a third generation that shall cut the price by 75% in 2025. This latest generation is a cooperation with BMW so that by then, the German carmaker may also go to market with a fuel cell model (we reported).

By decreasing cost, Toyota aims for annual sales of 30,000 FCV, one third of them in Japan.



Found on electrive.com
21.01.2018 03:31