Jan 30, 2018 - 02:16 pm

Audi e-tron ready to order in 4 European countries

The Audi e-tron can now be pre-ordered beyond Norway as Audi opens the order books for EV drivers in Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland. Germany, or China have yet to take a decision on when to start selling the electric SUV.

Norway had been the first country to get the e-tron when Audi started taking reservations in EV wonderland as soon as April 2017 and to date about 5,000 Norwegians have signed up (we reported). In Norway, each reservation requires a deposit of 20,000 krona (about 2,150 euros). The money may be reimbursed in case of a cancellation.

In Switzerland, Austria and Belgium, where the e-tron will be built in Brussels, dealers are accepting reservations as well. It appears to be down to local sales organisations when to start pre-sales, and an Audi spokes woman said that markets such as Germany and China will decide separately when to start taking orders.

Audi will launch the e-tron later this year with a range of 500km (311 miles) and fast charging. Top speed will be 210 kph and its moderate size positions the SUV between the Q5 and Q7 and so it had been codenamed Q6 when it was still in development.


Found on electrive.com
30.01.2018 14:16