Tesla working on charging network for electric trucks

As the commercial shift to electric transportation modes is taking place, Tesla is taking a proactive approach by working with industry to supply local charging stations for companies. According to Reuters Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi and UPS are among those participating in the development programme.

The companies are among those who placed some of the largest pre-orders for the charging stations designed for electric trucks. So far, a total of 265 of the previously announced Megacharger stations have been ordered, heralding a large-scale change for electric truck models for American logistics.

The planned rollout of the industrial scale electric trucks next year requires changes in the infrastructure currently present in the United States, which is being being addressed by private means as political leaders are slow to embrace the use of renewable fuels.

The Megacharger stations will be a step up from the current Supercharger stations, of which about 1100 are in use globally by the drivers of passenger vehicles. The industrial strength Megachargers will support a range of around 800 km, and can currently charge a vehicle to a 640 km range in half an hour.

Tesla is poised to further extend their domination of the electric mobility market in the USA, and the cooperation with corporations such as PepsiCo and UPS will position them strongly in the growing private electric logistical networks.



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