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Electric bus series for India – Solaris & JBM Auto – Ashok Leyland


JBM Solaris Electric Vehicles, a joint venture between Polish Solaris and the Indian firm JBM Auto, has introduced a new electric bus series called “Eco Life” to the Indian market. Additionally, Ashok Leyland presented its first electric bus with battery swap.

The Auto Expo 2018 had a few major announcements in store for the Indian market, namely two different electric buses, that will be available for use in public transport soon.

The Eco Life series, made jointly by Solaris and JBM Auto, will be manufactured at facilities in Faridabad and Kosi, which have been set up to deliver up to a capacity of 2,000 all-electric buses per year.

The buses will be powered by fast charging lithium batteries, which will have a range of 150 – 200 km for 10 – 15 hours, depending on traffic conditions in the city. The batteries can charged via plug as well as via pantograph.

The new zero emission series by the joint venture JBM Solaris Electric Vehicles is arriving with precision timing, as India’s government is beginning to facilitate the transition to cleaner transport.

Ashok Leyland wants to take the same chance. Its Circuit-S electric bus boasts of fast charging speeds, especially as the battery can be replaced in less than four minutes. The bus is designed specifically for the Indian market, and will feature 25-35 seats.

The battery swap will rely on a network of Quick Interchange Stations, which Ahok Leylands partner in the venture, SUN Mobility, is planning on constructing across India. The design of the stations is modular, to accommodate India’s wide range of conditions between cities and the countryside.

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