Bosch to build chip factory in Dresden for €1bn


Bosch is next to come to the “Saxonian Valley” as the supplier decided to build a chip factory in Dresden. Construction is planned to start this spring and will cost around one billion euros. The opening is set for 2021, when they will produce processors to serve e-mobility, among other things.

Bosch says it is making the largest single investment with the factory in its 130 year history. The plot is in the Klotzsche district, near the Dresden airport and is 10 hectares, or about 14 football pitches in size.

While the supplier is looking at the electronics of electric mobility, batteries are a more difficult matter. The rumored entry into cell production for Bosch is in the air, since CEO Volkmar Denner recently stated that a decision would be made “in a few weeks”. In any case, Bosch would look into solid-state technology rather than Li-ion battery cells. (in German)


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