Ride-share provider Yugo to supply 50 electric scooters to Bordeaux


The scooter, which is already available in Madrid and Barcelona, will be available to rent in Bordeaux this month. Yugo will be supplying 50 scooters with exchangeable batteries made by the french firm Pink Mobility.

The startup was founded by french entrepreneurs in Barcelona, which helps explain the international constellation of the cooperating actors. The company owns 210 electric scooters in Spain, which are used by a registered 15,000 users on an average of 5 to 8 rides per day.

In Bordeaux, Yugo wants to employ the Free-Floating concept, which has been successfully tested in other Spanish cities. The available area where the vehicles can be driven will be limited to inner city areas for now, and Yugo is employing an app-based approach to booking and payment of the vehicles.

After entering your information into the app, users can take one of the two helmets stored under the seat, and begin driving immediately, up to the battery limit of 60 km.

The same scooter is also being used by the food delivery company Domino’s Pizza in France. They are phasing their delivery fleet to electrical vehicles, and have already converted 18% of their locations to a fully electric transport system.

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