Feb 14, 2018 - 12:18 pm

Second life for Tesla Model S battery


Congressman Thomas Massie from Kentucky has retrofit an old Tesla battery recovered from a crash to power his home. It is the first instance of an off-grid Tesla battery at work as the politician who doubles as MIT engineer is disconnected from the public power grid.

A regular Tesla Powerwall battery would usually plug in to the regular grid. Congressman Massie’s house is however not plugged into the States’ electricity network and so he has recovered a Tesla battery from a crash car.

As an MIT engineer, he managed in a DIY move to adapt it as a simple energy storage. The politician in him, recorded a 23-minute video to document what he calls a “pretty dag-gone exciting” do-it-yourself adventure, in which he travels to Georgia to buy a wrecked Tesla Model S for 15,000 dollars. He now uses its lithium battery to replace the lead-acid batteries he had used before.

Tesla usually does not offer its EV batteries for second life applications.



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14.02.2018 12:44