Feb 16, 2018 - 08:18 pm

China to roll out new fuel cell technology policies

The Chinese government has made a statement that they want to promote the development of fuel cell technology and vehicles in the country. Beijing has already started to detail the construction of hydrogen filling stations.

The minister of industry and information technology, Miao Wei, stated that fuel cells are an important part of the development of new energy vehicles, and that China aims to achieve simultaneous development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in step with the international community.

The minister also assured China’s car industry when saying the government wants “to increase investment in the supply of hydrogen energy, fuel cell vehicles and other areas to drive the development of the entire industrial chain, and tackle common technology bottlenecks.”

The new initiative falls on solid grounds as sales of new energy vehicles in China continues to be on the rise. Only last month, NEV registrations surged by 480 percent reportedly.



Found on electrive.com
16.02.2018 20:46