Feb 19, 2018 - 01:35 pm

Intax offers Model S taxi kit for cab firms exclusively


Now that Tesla got its meters measured, Intax has come up with a conversion kit that turns any Model S into a full grown taxi. Deliveries have started and Intax acts as direct distributor for cab companies and Tesla in Germany.

The new Tesla taxis comply with the new law on weights and measurements for cabs so important for taxi meters and Intax’ kit also includes the radio as well as taxi sign for the roof. The company acts for Tesla and offers assistance in all questions for those taxi and rental services wanting to buy a Model S.

The conversion package for cabs costs 1,190 euros while rental companies must pay 990 euros. Those cab services that want the Model S in ivory, the classic cab colour in Germany, are asked another 1,600 euros. The first such Tesla can be seen at the “E-Taxi Days” in Munich on February, 27.

For Tesla to be able to offer its Model S as taxi, the German law had to be changed. Before, only cars that the manufacturers themselves offered as a taxi version were allowed to take passengers. Now, meters and the like can be added by other suppliers such as Intax to existing models.

The company is taking orders now and also delivers right to the door of the cab or rental company.

electrive.net, intax.de


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19.02.2018 13:28