Mini Cooper E will only be available as of 2020


The confirmation has come that the new Mini Cooper EV is going into production, however not until November of next year at BMW’s Oxford plant. Hence, delivery will not be taking place until at least 2020.

While the car was expected in 2019, this more detailed schedule came from an interview with the Mini Cooper product and marketing manager during the Canadian International Auto Show.

Not only in light of the current shortage in EV supply, the delay at Mini begs the question “why” and in how far the Mini Electric concept presented at last years IAA will provide the basis for the new car, or if there is another motive than alterations behind the extended testing period.

About half a year ago, the decision was announced to begin producing and assembling the E Mini in Oxford. The drive train, including battery, however, will be produced in the BMW factories at Dingolfing and Landshut, and will be imported to complete the assembly. Over the period before the announcement, possible Brexit-fears had caused the manufacturer to leave open where they planned to manufacture new electric Mini, with locations in Germany and the Netherlands having had been considered as well.

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about „Mini Cooper E will only be available as of 2020“
Geoff Chown
23.02.2018 um 19:56
Well, I can’t see why someone shouldn’t design a range of EVs from the ground up right here in the UK and build in sustainability and efficiency. The Brits are great designers and we have a history of engineering prowess and innovative’s been our poor management and lack of courage to invest that’s been the problem. Where are the wealthy entrepreneurs. Let’s compete with the French and Germans and export to the world. Locate the factory near tidal and wind power and use gravitricity too. Let’s be bold and ambitious!

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