Battery producer Saft to cooperate with Siemens, Solvay and Manz


French battery producer Saft has announced a cooperation with Siemens, Solvay and Manz to research, develop and industrialise solid-state batteries. The venture is designated to last for seven years, and naturally includes electric transport applications. 

The initiative is planned to go for 7 years, during which the battery cooperative plans to focus on high density solid-state and Li-ion batteries. If they are successful, they plan to begin working with industry partners to create new assembly processes for batteries, as well as cells and entire systems. The main goal of the venture is to develop a scalable production unit of 1 GWh.

“These new generation batteries will provide performance, cost and safety advantages, compared to current lithium-ion products,” Saft said in a statement.

The initiative comes as European manufacturers deal with an impending battery crisis, as production is limited beneath demand, and supply tends to be concentrated in the USA and Asia. The cooperation is also not limited to the founding members but has openly invited further partners and cooperation. The battery alliance is also not limiting themselves to commercial support, and have stated that “the Alliance will need strong regulatory support and appropriate funding from European and national authorities.”

Saft is fully owned by French Total and is producing batteries for a variety of purposes. The Belgian chemical company Solvay is contributing their experience with polymer materials and electrolyte solutions, and the German Manz is bringing expertise in battery cell and module assembly. Siemens is being relied on to provide software and automatisation solutions.,


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