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Tesla Model S P85 undergoes diesel test


The Australian EV Association and the Tesla Owners Club from Western Australia have recharged a Tesla Model S P85D with a diesel generator. The point was to compare the EV’s efficiency with that of a Volvo V40 Diesel.

The experiment was set up in order to test the argument, whether electric vehicles pollute as much as regular vehicles, since the energy they consume is not necessarily taken from renewable sources. The Tesla, which is not the most energy efficient model on the market, was pitted against the smaller and lighter Volvo in a “worst-case scenario” test.

The Volvo required 4.8 litres of diesel for the 104.6 km long route, while the Tesla swallowed 4.46 litres to drive the same distance. In summary, the argument that EVs pollute as much as combustion engines due to the energy consumption is now officially debunked. Considering, that the public energy grid is increasingly sourcing its power from clean sources, the argument is even further invalidated.,


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