Feb 28, 2018 - 06:00 pm

Peugeot tunes e-bike line with performance Bosch system


Peugeot presents its latest electric bicycle. The eM02 FS Powertube mountain bike precurses a line of what the carmaker’s design lab calls “in-frame eBikes,” pedelecs with the battery integrated in the frame. The on sale is imminent.

Peugeot has never left the bike business and worked on electric bicycles such as the S-Pedelec that was also created with Bosch. So is this latest one that is to hit the market this March. Its 4,599 euro price tag won’t make it a mass market success but it aims at mountain bikers in the first place.

Called eM02 FS Powertube (for electric Mountain, 02=mid range, Full Suspension) the electric MTB uses the Bosch Performance CX line for pedal-assistance. The 500 Wh battery is hidden inside the frame but can be removed. Range was given at 125 km.

For Peugeot, the casing mainly serves as protector from dirt and increases the pedelec’s balance. The integrated components also give the e-bike a “dynamic, flowing style,” according to Cathal Loughnane, Manager of Peugeot Design Lab. For Loughnane, the new eM02 FS Powertube thus “heralds the future of Peugeot eBikes.” For now, it is sporty.

  • peugeot-em02-fs-powertube-e-mountainbike-pedelec-01
  • peugeot-em02-fs-powertube-e-mountainbike-pedelec-04
  • peugeot-em02-fs-powertube-e-mountainbike-pedelec-02
  • peugeot-em02-fs-powertube-e-mountainbike-pedelec-06

Available in two sizes, this electric mountain bike will be available this month.

greencarcongress.com, peugeot.com


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