Mar 6, 2018 - 05:03 pm

Renault shows driverless robotaxi called EZ-GO


With its autonomous mobility concept EZ-GO, Renault illustrates its vision of a robotaxi for urban areas. The prototype is currently attracting attention at the Geneva Motor Show. It follows on Renault’s autonomous Symbioz concept unveiled in 2017.

The EZ-GO comes with an electric motor at the rear axle and provides six seats. As it is designed for app-based driverless ride-hailing purposes it has no steering wheel nor any other control components. Instead, the passengers are taking a seat face-to-face. The battery is said to be capable of wireless charging. Further details have not yet been published.

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Renault is confident to launch the robotaxi by 2030. If the French carmaker does so, it is likely to challenge VW’s Sedric concept, which has a similar approach.,,


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  1. Martin Leitner

    > confident to launch the robotaxi by 2030

    More than 10 years after Waymo and GM? I’m wondering if Renault is still alive then…

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