Nissan to offer Leaf in Latin America


Nissan will be offering the Leaf as of the coming year in Latin America as well. The EV will be released in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Uruguay and Puerto Rico in the first phase of South American rollout.

According to a study published by Nissan, 8 out of 10 people in Latin America are generally ready for an electric vehicle. 73% of the queried even stated that they believe an electric vehicles is cheaper than a combustion vehicle, when all costs are considered.

Despite such promising attitudes, of the 5,769 queried people, 75% were concerned about the availability of charging stations. More than half (60%) were also concerned about the range, and were worried an EV would not be able to hold up to the requirements of their daily commute. Another 63% were also concerned about the duration of charging times.

The study, which was funded by Nissan Latin America and carried out by C230, a consultant arm of the think tank Fundación IDEA, was conducted online with a sample group of 5,769 consumers, both male and female, from ages 18-65, in five Latin American countries. The five nations where the study was conducted were Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia and Peru, and the study was designed to gather information regarding the perception of mobility, electric vehicles and autonomous driving in Latin America.,,


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