London updates rapid-charging for electric cabs


The Mayor of London marks the installation of the 100th fast-charging station in the UK capital. 51 of those charge points are reserved for electric black cabs. Also London’s boroughs say they’ve made progress in their patchy EV infrastructure.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan came to “launch” a new network of rapid charge points. Transport for London (TfL) had been working with providers over the last six month to install those fast-chargers that charge an electric car within 20 – 30 minutes.

51 of those charge points have been reserved for cab use. As of this year no more diesel taxis are being licensed, and all cabs that are licensed for the first time need to be zero-emission capable. Accordingly, the rules require official new Black Cabs to be either plug-in hybrid or entirely electric. More than 9,000 electric taxis (about half the current fleet of black cabs), are expected on London’s roads by 2021 and they all need to recharge.

Says Mayor Sadiq Khan: “On my watch, TfL has already installed 100 new rapid charge points – despite only five per cent of the city’s roads being under my control. However, we will only reach the numbers we need if the boroughs install these points on the 95 per cent of the network in their control and TfL stands ready to help. I also urge private-sector businesses to work with us on expanding the network and help make lasting improvements to the capital’s air quality.”

Indeed the boroughs, as the British call the London districts, are making progress. The latest survey suggests there are now 644 charge points operation across the capital. Plans for FY 2918/19 project another 2,630 to be installed.

According to the survey by London Councils, the charging points installed include a mixture of slow (3kwh, mainly lamp columns), fast (7-22kwh) and rapid (50kwh+) charging solutions.

Wandsworth is the most recent example of a borough planning to install 700 charging points in street lamps reportedly. Also, Berlin-based Ubitricity has set up its solution in London’s Chelsea and Kensington district last year. Then there is Brent which has been looking to put its street lights to another use as well.

On a larger scale, Bolloré’s BluePoint and the Source network continue to try to bring London up to speed. The French firm plans to correct or erect 1,000 charge points in London this year. (Black Cabs), (Boroughs)


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