Mar 21, 2018 - 01:09 pm

Tesla Model 3 production getting up to speed


March is not over yet and Tesla has registered 4,500 new vehicle identification numbers (VINs) for the Model 3. It is an indicator that the lines in Fremont are rolling more smoothly now although a VIN does not mean an EV has actually been made.

In total, there are now 15,885 VINs for the Model 3 out there. Yet again, this is only an indication, an intention if you like. How many cars Tesla is really building is unclear but estimates stand at about 2,000 electric vehicles a week.

Bloomberg’s Model 3 tracker though showed 10,400 Model 3 made as of today and takes not only VIN but also social media and communications with owners into account. Just days ago, Tesla had to deny claims by employees in Fremont pointing to further delays for even the Model S and Model X due to quality problems with parts coming from suppliers.

Tesla though has had times way worse. About ten years ago, they started making the Roadster in that same factory reportedly and had to redefine the term “slow ramp” in order to make good for delays. Back in 2008, Tesla informed very early adopters on the progress, saying they have moved even “more slowly than our planned pace of 1 car per week.”

Meanwhile, Siri has arrived in the Model 3 and now guides owners through the Tesla app. (VINs), (Siri), (Model 3 tracker)


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