Apr 4, 2018 - 05:57 pm

Tesla taxis in Dubai rack up 64,000 rides with zero emissions


The Dubai cab fleet consisting of 50 Tesla Model X has billed more than 64,000 trips since its inception last September. The transport authority now wants to more than double the fleet due to high demand and clients’ satisfaction.

The Dubai Taxi Corporation had initially ordered 50 Model X from Tesla to join their fleet in the desert state reportedly. Said Teslas have now made 64,186 trips, travelling 2.1 million kilometres with zero emissions, according to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Due to this success, the authority now wants to increase the fleet to include a total of 125 Model X. They will charge at 13 available charging stations in Dubai. Overall, the RTA plans to have half of all taxis to be fitted with hybrid drivetrains by 2021. That would be the equivalent of 2,280 hybrid taxis. Or maybe go fully electric?!

Arabian Business quotes Adel Ahmed Sharif, director of fleet operations at Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC): “Making more than 64,000 trips by Tesla vehicles is indicative of the high level of customers satisfaction, which has hit 97 percent. We have a total of 50 Tesla electric vehicles on the roads, and the demand is still on the rise for such luxury vehicles.”

Clearly in Dubai, electric vehicles are being placed as a premium and luxurious form of transport, much as when Tesla first hit the market with the Roadster electric car ten years ago (we reported).


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