Carris to order 15 e-buses for Lisbon public transport


The public transport company Carris from the Portuguese capital Lisbon has put out an open order for 15 electric buses and their charging infrastructure. Up to 11.7 million euro are being offered, and bids are being accepted until the 16th of May.

The desired contract will have a 16 year run-time. It is considered likely that the Portuguese bus manufacturer CaetanoBus will be fighting hard for the contract. Some of their buses have already been tested in Lisbon, Port, Coimbra, Guimaraes and Braga. The bus was developed in cooperation with Siemens and engineers from the University of Porto.

The plan does not end with the acquisition of 15 buses however; Carris is planning to acquire 460 electrified buses by 2021, 30 with an electric propulsion system. The city of Porto is also planning the purchase of 15 electric buses by 2019., (In Portuguese)


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