Siemens HPC chargers for electric buses in Denmark


Siemens has signed an agreement with Denmark’s largest public transportation operator, Movia, for the delivery of fast-charging stations with pantograph for electric buses. 45 communities stand to benefit from the contract and is one of Siemens biggest eBus orders ever.

The Danish transportation authority Movia ferries more than 215 million passengers per year. As part of their mobility plan 2016, the 45 communities and two regions have decided to integrate an emission-free bus system by 2030. Siemens is to play an integral part in this endeavour.

The German technology company is deploying HPC chargers with a 150, 300 or 450 kW performance. The now signed agreement stretches over three years and includes the installation, commissioning, civil engineering works and the Siemens remote monitoring system eBus cloud, according to a press statement by the company. This contract marks one of the largest orders for electric bus business by Siemens. It also entails a six year service contract.

Specifically, the communities have the options to set up charging stations at selected bus stations. They provide power to the electric buses via a top-down pantograph inversely mounted to a mast. The charging process is initiated when the bus arrives via wi-fi. As soon as the driver has activated the hand brake, the charging process is started automatically and the four-pole pantograph connects with the bus.


This method allows buses to charge during regular stops for four to six minutes. The system can support high speed charging, according to Siemens, and similar fast charging stations are already active in Hamburg, Stockholm, Göteborg, Drammen, Oslo and Montreal.

Among the cities which could benefit from the agreement between Movia and Siemens is also Copenhagen. The Danish capital plans to become the first CO2-neutral city in the world by 2025, and it stands to reason that the 100 million annual transit users will play a major role in the planning.,


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