Tesla Model Y to go into production by end of 2019

Tesla is planning to begin Model Y production in November of 2019, Reuters reports although the official confirmation is still out. Their sources also confirmed that the Model 3 in SUV form will be produced in the Fremont factory.

The Californians have issued a RFI (Request for Information) to suppliers, which outlines basic information regarding the Model Y production and its requirements. That means that Tesla is beginning to take in bids from suppliers, so that when Model 3 production begins in China in two years, everything will be set.

The most recent Tesla business report from February concludes that the production plans for the Model 3 will be publicized within the next three to six months. That was said by Elon Musk during a telephone conference following the presentation of the business numbers.

In August, Tesla first showed off a teaser image of the compact SUV, which did not show very much, as we have come to expect. What has changed in the meantime, is that the Model Y will no longer be based on its own platform, but be built based on the Model 3 architecture. This will simplify production and allow the company to have the car ready for serial production significantly faster.



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