Tighten EU emission regulation, please

It is not every day the EU hears someone asking them to give them stricter regulations and this time, it is neither citizens nor environmental organisations but industrial heavy weights. Those dealing in deliveries brought by trucks want tougher rules so that they can come clean.

Among those calling on Brussels are Siemens, DB Schenker, Ikea, Carrefour, Nestlé, Alstom and Unilever. In an open letter that is to be send this Wednesday according to Spiegel magazine,  they use the term “reduoble”, when referring to efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector.

They are asking the EU Commission, to introduce new rules so that trucks must slash their exhausts by 24 percent comes 2025. Obviously, the car industry is crying “impossible” but the clash of the lobbying titans has only just begun.

cleanenergywire.org, spiegel.de (original source, in German)


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