Hybrid cruise ships by Hurtigruten powered by Rolls-Royce


Norway’s cruise operator Hurtigruten has turned to Rolls-Royce for a green update of its ocean liners. Up to nine diesel vessels shall get a hybrid engine from RR and also switch to natural gas power at the same time.

The environmental overhaul at Hurtigruten has been stated in a Letter of Intent. Rolls-Royce agreed to deliver the hybrid and gas system for six cruise ships with the Norwegian firm holding an option for another three vessels.

Rolls-Royce will utilise its SAVe Cube electric propulsion system including an additional battery for hybrid operation coupled with their LNG engines, Bergen B36:45L&PG.

It is the second time for Rolls-Royce and Hurtigruten to cooperate. Their MS Roald Amundsen is currently under construction at Norway’s Kleven Verft shipyard. If all goes to plan, the vessel will carry up to 530 passengers through Antarctica and around the Chilean coast in hybrid operation starting this year. The environmental organisation Bellona was central to the project for Hurtigruten.

In Norway, the operator was recently awarded licenses by the Norwegian Government for seven out of 11 coastal ferry routes. The country aims to electrify its entire transport, including that on waterways. Norway’s effort recently found a global echo as 173 countries agreed at a meeting of the U.N. International Maritime Organization (IMO) to reduce emissions from shipping by at least 50 percent by 2050 from 2008 levels (we reported).

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