Apr 23, 2018 - 04:23 pm

Renault to make EV components in India for export

French Renault wants to establish a manufacturing hub for EV parts in India in order to export to its other markets. A first manufacturing deal exists already as local Rico Auto Industries is to make EV components and transmissions.

It will be mainly electric motors and said transmissions that will be made in India but Renault plans to establish a manufacturing hub for EV components in the country in the long term. Export markets will be Europe, the USA and potentially China. A global tender was won by Rico Auto Industries with other suppliers in on the game too but as of yet unnamed.

Mint quotes sources close to the matter saying the local unit of the French car maker based in Chennai is also working on developing entire EVs for the global market.

It would not be the first time that Renault is turning to emerging markets both for exports and domestic sales as well. A so-called Kei-car, in fact the EV version of the electric and very compact Kwid SUV, is in the making in China but the model may find its way onto the markets in India, Brazil, and the Middle East. In China, the electric compact can be expected by next year or latest by 2019 at a price point of 11,500 euros (we reported).



14 Kommentare zu “Renault to make EV components in India for export

  1. Lokesh Patil

    India can expect to see their favourite car company stepping into manufacturing of clean energy components and this gives a hope EVs of Renault will hit the streets very soon!

  2. Harish Goyal

    Great news! India being Renault’s future hub for EVs will definitely stir the EV segment of India.

  3. Kishor Trivedi

    This will surely speed up the process of the bringing Renault EV on streets of India soon!

  4. Jatin Desai

    A good sign that the top car brand in the world is paving a green path for India’s clean and green future!

  5. Kalpesh Vashisht

    Yup! In or near Chennai somewhere. I presume this will also speed up the process bringing EV on the streets of India!

  6. Brijesh Lohar

    This may be the first foreign investment in India for electric vehicles. Good! India will get a remarkable status in terms of clean automobiles.

  7. Dnynesh Likhar

    India is all set to witness a high wave of electric cars in the near future!

  8. dinesh vohra

    and maybe yes for keeping some components to assemble within Indian boundaries, so that the Indian EV market of Renault takes a stride!

  9. Harman

    …Somewhere in Tamilnadu!

  10. Himanshu Pandit

    India is rising with Renault, Mahindra and other such brands in EV sector!

  11. Ranjit Katiyar

    Renault is doing a remarkable work in electric vehicles I assume. First the launch of Zoe and Trezor than this ev component thing.

  12. sachin basavraj

    Why Renault is so obsessed with India even though India doesn’t even make to Renault’s top 10 global car market!

  13. Krishna

    The work Renault is doing on EVs is highly commendable.

  14. Pranav Mansarovar

    I feel excited to know how Renault has put India on its list of nations for introducing Electric cars.

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