Apr 25, 2018 - 12:38 pm

Nissan’s first EV for China – Sylphy Zero Emission


Nissan has come prepared to the Auto China with the Sylphy Zero Emission on display. It is the carmaker’s first dedicated EV for the Chinese market and one of a total of 20 electrified models Nissan wants to launch over the next 5 years.

The Sylphy Zero Emission sedan builds on the Nissan Leaf platform. Range is 338 kilometres according to China’s testing standard. Those in China may get their hands on the Sylphy within this year and choose from the Nissan partners Venucia and Dongfeng.

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The launch of the model had been announced previously. The performance data data speaks of 80 kW and a top speed of 144 kph, much like the old Nissan Leaf EV. However, the new model has a longer wheelbase than the Leaf, thus leaving more leg room which is an important selling point for Chinese buyers.

Nissan has not revealed much detail on the interior, only that the Sylphy’s audio and infotainment can be controlled via smartphone. It’s likely that the Sylphy will use at least some part of the Leaf’s dashboard.

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