High-energy battery for electric trucks and buses by Akasol


The heavy industries are up for electrification as Akasol launches their first battery with cyclindrical cells with extra high capacity. Their modular solution targets electric trucks and buses and is about to enter into real life testing.

For Akasol it is the first venture into cylindrical cell design, in particular at that energy density – 221 Wh/kg – which the company describes as “very high”.

Their AKAModule 60 CYC is modular and thus allows building high-energy battery systems such as those used in commercial vehicles, be it intercity coaches, buses or trucks.

Akasol says its battery module can survive 1,500 to 3,000 operative cycles and that it uses standard liquid cooling.

A first customer has been found for the first application trials at the end of 2018. The AKAModule will enter series production afterwards.

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