May 17, 2018 - 01:04 pm

BMW teasing iNEXT and wants to expand in China


BMW has revealed a teaser image of the upcoming iNEXT. While the image allows for a very limited glimpse of their upcoming electric model only, it precedes what BMW calls its Vision Vehicle, that can be expected this year.

It was BMW CEO Harald Krüger who unveiled their design study of the iNEXT, a signal that electrification at BMW is a C-level initiative. And, the iNEXT is the vehicle of the future for the Bavarian carmaker.

Says Krüger: “The iNEXT project is our building kit for the future. It will benefit the entire company and all our brands. For the first time, we are combining all key technologies for future mobility in one vehicle. (…) Today, we gave our shareholders a very first glimpse of the design of the BMW iNEXT. Later this year, we will be presenting the BMW iNEXT as a Vision Vehicle.”

The BMW iNEXT will be built at Plant Dingolfing in Germany from 2021 whilst said study is due to debut in 2018.

Over in China however, there is even more to come than previously reported. The cooperation between BMW and Great Wall is looking as if it could go beyond “just” producing Mini electric cars together. German Automobil Produktion quotes a BMW manager saying that talks now include the construction of an entire new facility as well as founding a dedicated EV brand together.

He also confirmed that BMW opted for Great Wall as partner because of their electric mobility expertise. Great Wall already launched a dedicated EV brand, Ola and also a plug-in hybrid on its premium label Wey (we reported).

On its own, BMW also opened a new research and development centre in Beijing’s Shunyi district. The area is increasingly becoming a production hot spot for electric cars. Daimler and JV Partner BAIC are also working to increase their manufacturing capabilities there reportedly. (iNEXT teaser), (BMW & Great Wall, in German), (R&D in Shunyi)


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