Oxis Energy begins cell production in Brazil


The British battery specialist OXIS Energy is in the process of opening a manufacturing facility in the Minas Gerais state in southeastern Brazil. OCIS is aiming to produce batteries for electric buses and planes with their lithium-sulfur technology.

OXIS Energy has also received an investment from Aerotec, a private Brazilian equity fond, in the sum of 3.7 million British pounds. Central to the Aerotec fond is aviation and aerospace, as well as highly developed production.

The battery specialist will continue their research and development programme in the UK, but will now also compete in the production area. This production facility is eventually planned to be capable of producing millions of battery cells per year.

In early April, OXIS Energy announced a new project with the acronym LiSFAB, which has the declared goal to develop the lithium-sulfur battery technology for utility vehicles such as trucks and buses for commercial use. The 7 million pound undertaking is being financed by the British government. The aim is to produce Li-S cells with an energy density of 400 Wh/kg and a practical life-span.



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